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5 advanced features that make Canon large format printers reliable—and reliably efficient

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to be able to react to customer demands at lightning speed. When your business is printing, you need a printer that works fast and is always online. Downtime is wasted time—and time, as they say, is money.

Naturally, Canon’s imagePROGRAF technical series large format printers are designed with speed, efficiency, and reliability in mind. They print quickly to save you time, but they’re also simple to operate and maintain, meaning users won’t spend time troubleshooting, and you won’t spend money on unnecessary repairs and lost productivity.

Here are just a few features that make Canon LFPs so reliable—and reliably efficient:

High-density print head: Boasting 15,360 nozzles, it lays down ink droplets of only four picoliters—that’s four-billionths of a milliliter—to produce incredibly sharp detail and fine lines. It’s also designed to minimize mist spray. This high degree of precision ensures your print turns out perfectly the first time.

Anti-clogging technology: When printing, sensors continuously check the ink-ejection conditions of the print head. If a blockage is detected in one nozzle, another nozzle automatically compensates to maintain smooth and even ink flow. This reduces both the chance of misprints and the frequency of print-head cleaning.

Ink tanks: The imagePROGRAF technical series models using a six channel printhead (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and two matte black), and their unique sub-ink tank system helps to reduce waste by allowing you to use all the ink available in a tank before replacing it. If a tank runs dry during a print job, it can be swapped out on the fly, without sacrificing print quality.

Ink purchase notifications: Canon’s imagePROGRAF Status Monitor software can be configured to notify you when an ink tank is running low. You’ll automatically be sent a link to purchase a new tank online, or the contact details of a trusted supplier.

Media optimization: Canon offers more than 40 types of media to fit the quality, productivity, and budgetary requirements of your printing workflow. The printers themselves come with a media configuration tool to help ensure optimal print quality based on your desired output.

These and other features all work in concert to minimize the potential for user error and make large format printing as easy as a few clicks of a trackpad or mouse. When your hardware works fast and works reliably, that can only help your bottom line.