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The numbers behind Canon’s best-in-class precision-printing performance

When it comes to judging whether something is good or bad (or just mediocre), you may have heard the axiom “quality over quantity”—that more doesn’t always mean better. With Canon imagePROGRAF printers, however, quality is a numbers game. Here are a few of the figures that add up to incredible precision on large format technical documents, full-colour posters, and more.


The number of nozzles arrayed on Canon’s high-density print head, which prints with exceptional speed and accuracy. Designed specifically to produce the cleanest of lines by minimizing mist spray, the print head also features anti-clogging technology that automatically compensates for any nozzle blockages to maintain smooth and even ink flow.


The size of ink droplets, in picoliters, set down by the print head. That’s an exceedingly miniscule amount of ink—four billionths of a milliliter, to use everyday measurements. No matter what you print, you’ll see incredible detail throughout, plus unfailingly crisp lines as thin as 0.02 millimeters and accurate to ±0.10 percent—particularly valuable for architectural drawings and other technical documents.


Canon’s unique five-colour Lucia TD Pigment Ink technology (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, plus and additional matte black channel) translates to a rainbow of bold, bright and appealing colours on the page, with reformulated magenta ink in particular leading to improved fine-line and small-text printing—even against coloured backgrounds, and even on uncoated technical papers. Highly colourfast, the inks are also scratch- and bleed-resistant.

2400 x 1200

High-resolution output of up to 2400 x 1200 dpi ensures fine-grain sharpness at very large print dimensions. Yet even large amounts of data can be processed and printed at lightning speed: Less than 14 seconds for a full-colour, D-size (24″x36″) drawing on 20lb bond, on the TZ-30000.