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5 innovations that boost the speed and productivity of your printing workflow

For high-volume producers of large format technical documents, the phrase “more for less” is practically a mantra. At Canon, we’ve taken that principle and run with it. Our imagePROGRAF TX printers have been precision-tuned to enable you to print a lot, quickly. And efficiently. And affordably. And at high quality. Here are some of the innovations that make it possible:

New tech

The technology at the heart of Canon’s latest TX-series printers has been entirely updated to improve speed—while maintaining the high output quality you’ve come to expect. A new processor, mechanical platform, and ink system work in tandem with the newly designed, 15,360-nozzle PF-06 print head to lay down ink precisely and quickly—to create up to 190 D-sized prints per hour.

High-capacity stacker

Canon TX printers come equipped with a retractable TX Stacker. Designed to support high-volume continuous printing, the stacker accommodates up to 100 sheets of ARCH C, ARCH D, or ARCH E/E1 paper, eliminating the need to re-sort finished documents.

Multifunction roll system

As its name suggests, this optional feature gives you additional flexibility when it comes to how your printer handles media. You can add a second roll (of differing size and type) and switch between the two media—without pausing to reload. Or use a second roll of the same media helps support uninterrupted high-volume printing.

Alternatively, the system can be configured to allow you to rewind media with the printed surface on the outside or inside of the roll, helping to protect the final printed image from damage.

And no matter if your TX printer uses a single- or double-roll system, it’s conveniently designed to detect the type of media you’ve put on the roll, and then load it automatically. Just walk away and it’s ready to print.

Borderless printing

It may seem like a small thing, but that ability to print borderless can save a good deal of hassle. Instead of having to account for bleed—and then the effort needed to manually trim the margin—you can simply make your print and use it straight from the printer.

A versatile ink tank system

TX series printers accommodate 160ml, 330ml, and 700ml ink tanks in any combination, allowing you to tailor the tank size for each colour depending on expected usage. Conversely, high-volume users benefit from the ability to have up to 3,500 ml of ink at their disposal.

Nor do you have to worry about the proverbial well running dry. Canon’s innovative sub-ink tank system reduces waste by allowing you to use virtually all the ink in a tank before replacing it. And tanks can be swapped out on the fly: Even if a replacement is needed in the middle of a print job, the swap won’t cost you time or quality.