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How Canon printers offer uncompromising versatility for a wide range of projects

Canon large format printers are specialized tools with a specialized purpose. But they’re highly adaptable within that area of specialization, and well suited to a wide range of printing applications. Technical users in particular will find much to love, but no matter your project requirements, you’ll benefit from Canon LFPs’ functional versatility and compatibility with an unrivalled array of media.

Media compatibility

Whether you need to print a topographic map, wireframe models, or construction drawings that will stand up to the challenging conditions of an outdoor jobsite, Canon offers more than 50 types of large format media to suit the requirements of your printing workflow. A variety of non-traditional printing materials from third-party vendors—from translucent bond and vellum to polyethylene film and textiles —can also be used for technical and creative projects. And Canon printers themselves come with a media configuration tool to help ensure optimal media usage based on your desired output.

Additionally, Canon’s imagePROGRAF technical series large format printers allows for the use of 55 to 700ml ink tanks, meaning you can tailor your ink purchases (and employ a combination of tank sizes) based on your budget and printing volume.

Feature flexibility

Canon printers are designed with one job in mind: making large format prints at the absolute highest quality possible. Most technical models, however, are also available in a multifunction configuration featuring a 24 or 36-inch-wide scanner—which comes in handy if your organization has a need to create digital copies of marked-up documents, such as design schematics. Canon’s SingleSensor scanning technology is especially well equipped for this purpose, providing consistent colour accuracy with outstanding shadow and highlight detail.

TX series printers can be equipped with a second media roll, enabling uninterrupted high-volume printing or hassle-free switching between two different media types—not to mention bi-directional rewinding, if desired. Another bump in productivity is made possible by Stacker enabled, which accommodates up to 100 sheets of ARCH C, ARCH D, or ARCH E/E1 paper, and can be retracted when not in use to reduce its footprint in your office.

User versatility

Printing technology is more advanced than ever, but the process of printing is incredibly simple. Users can easily configure settings depending on the requirements of any project, and with economy print mode, you can save ink (and therefore money) on jobs that require multiple drafts.

Connectivity options enable further flexibility: Most Canon printers can process jobs via the cloud and some mobile devices, giving users the ability to print from anywhere, at any time.