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Four ways to use large format printing for in-store marketing

Whether it’s to advertise a sale, promote new products, or simply provide additional details about the items on your shelves, in-store marketing displays are important for any retail operation. And thanks to the versatility of modern large format printers, it’s faster and easier than ever to produce high-quality signage that has the benefit of working 24/7. Your options are limited only by your budget and your imagination. To get you started, here are a few of the most common ways that retailers use printed material for in-store advertising.


There’s a reason why Hollywood films, with multimillion-dollar marketing budgets, still rely heavily on posters as their primary form of printed advertising. Posters just work. Be they standard size (24 x 36 inches) or larger—and whether they’re hung on your walls, from the ceiling, inside standalone fixtures, or even pasted to the floor—well-designed posters are excellent both for encouraging an immediate purchase or helping to build your brand over the longer term.


In their function, banners are not much different than posters. Typically they are, however, much larger and/or longer. Because they can be printed with such large dimensions, they’re often used in larger retail environments—hanging from the rafters of big-box warehouse stores, for example. Alternatively, you might choose to print a banner on durable, weather-resistant material (like vinyl) for outdoor use.


The diversity of modern printing materials means that in-store signage can be produced and configured in myriad ways—from colourful (yet informative) product placards to wayfinding signs. You can even get creative by printing on wood, metal or acrylic to really catch the eye!


Though perhaps a touch old-fashioned, when done well, window displays remain an effective marketing tool. If they don’t always translate to immediate walk-in traffic and sales, they’re nevertheless a great way to generate buzz. Just think about the number of articles that appear each year listing where to see holiday-season window displays in your city. Though it’s usually products that are the stars of these dioramas, large format printed materials—such as custom backdrops and vinyl decals—definitely do have a role to play when it comes to boosting stopping power.