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How Canon technical series printers make your technical documents pop

Who among us has never experienced the frustration of viewing a document that’s clean, clear, and razor-sharp on screen, but turns out muddled on the page? The frustration is compounded when you’re looking at a map, blueprint, or other technical document, whose details might delineate important electoral boundaries, or determine how a building is most safely constructed. Whatever your needs, Canon’s imagePROGRAF large format technical printers allow you to rest easy, knowing that every job will be printed with precision. Here are just a few of the ways Canon printers can be put to good use:

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Detailed drawings and schematics created by CAD software are crucial to the work of engineers, architects, construction-industry professionals and many others. It’s important that these technical documents be printed with clarity and precision. Canon’s high-density print head is specifically designed to produce unfailingly crisp lines—as thin as 0.02 millimeters and accurate to one-tenth of a percent—while imagePROGRAF printers’ two matte black ink channels maximize the speed at which monochrome text and line drawings can be produced.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The large format maps and satellite images you see in disaster movies, during the scene where the heroes crowd into a briefing room to plan their last-ditch effort to save the day? Well, those documents are no mere Hollywood fabrication: In real life they’re often the output of sophisticated Geographic Information Systems. They’re used by everyone from emergency responders—who might use a topographic map, for example, to organize a wildfire evacuation—to urban planners wishing to visualize land-use and demographic data.

Maps and other complex images are easily and accurately produced by imagePROGRAF printers. Their ability to print at a resolution up to 2400 x 1200 dpi ensures solid fills, smooth curves, and intricate detailing even at very large dimensions, while Canon’s Lucia TD pigment ink technology offers superior fine-line and small-font printing, even on coloured backgrounds. The fact that you can print to dozens of different types of media—to create transparent overlays, for example, or weatherproof maps—is an equally important feature.

Perfect presentations

Nowadays, multifaceted projects are often undertaken on behalf of (and/or overseen by) multiple stakeholders, who may need easily digestible information provided to them on demand. Its become more common to combine technical documents with graphic presentation—to communicate ideas and concepts at a glance and help build consensus. With a Canon imagePROGRAF printer, it’s not only possible to print large-scale photos, designs and other eye-popping images to be displayed alongside technical documents, you can also bring together information from multiple sources—spreadsheets, CAD images, and photos, for example—on a single large page for quick reference. This is also useful for educators, who can create quick and colourful learning aids, classroom posters, and more.