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Bigger is better: How a large format printer can boost your business

Your standard office printer allows employees to print documents, slide decks for client presentations, and even the clip art–festooned reminder that the lunchroom refrigerator gets cleaned out every Friday. But is that really the extent of your organization’s printing needs? What if you want to produce banners,  posters and other high-impact visuals? If you’re asking these questions, it may be time to consider purchasing a large-format printer.

And if you just asked another question (“Why?”), here are some important benefits of large-format printers:

Uncompromising quality

Bigger does mean better when it comes to today’s large format printers; there’s no compromise on output quality just because you’ve increased in size. Innovations in the manufacturing of print heads—as well as the precision with which they actually eject ink onto paper—have allowed today’s printers to achieve a very high level of detail and vibrancy. The result is a professional-quality finished product that can help grow sales, improve communication, and increase visibility for your organization’s goods and services.

High-performance reliability

A great-quality print, however, can lose a bit of lustre if it’s a headache to produce; devices need to work reliably when called to action. Many large format printers now have built-in anti-clogging and nozzle compensation technology, which keeps their print heads firing on all cylinders—even if they’ve been sitting idle for a long period. That means less worry and less waste than with the printers of yesteryear.

Increased efficiency

Large size does not entail a sacrifice in speed: Many modern large format printers are capable of producing more than a dozen high-quality poster-size prints in an hour. And since you’re working with your own in-house machine, you no longer need to worry about the potentially lengthy turn-around time (and the necessities of pickup and delivery) that comes with outsourcing to a print shop. You can test print designs and messaging whenever you’d like, and have the physical document in your hands in a matter of minutes.

On-the-go access

Many large format printers also offer connectivity options that further boost the efficiency of your workflow. Mobile printing, for example, allows users to print directly from their mobile phone or other wireless device (usually via an app). Cloud-based solutions offer similar benefits, ensuring multiple employees can upload and send projects to the printer from almost anywhere in the world.

Easy versatility

Though the technology that underpins large format printers is more advanced than ever, actually using them is a breeze: Users can easily configure settings depending on the requirements of any print job. And those jobs can indeed be varied:

Architects, engineers, homebuilders and other construction-industry professionals can produce blueprints and schematics whose size and clarity matches the ambitions of their clients.

Advertising and marketing mavens can create tactile mockups to capture a client’s imagination with much more immediacy than a PDF viewed on a computer screen—or bring to life full campaigns with posters, banners and more.

Likewise, schools can print eye-catching announcements and banners for special events, charities can do the same for fundraisers, and theatres can produce materials to promote upcoming performances. Really, any organization that has regular messages to communicate can benefit from having a large format printer close at hand.